Reviews for "-Daybreaker-"

good way to end a gr8 year dude. I like it

Deus Ex esque intro, with some damn juicy ambience.

Yeah dude, this is nice. Would fit very well in a Deus Ex but side scroller version with over the top action John Wick style.

Very funky man. The vocals fit in well with the track. The 1:27, instrument and synth going back and forth is groovy as heck!

It's like the track starts off with John Wick guns blazing, and ends up in Kung Fu Hustle territory.

You've nailed the feel of the track.

Waterflame honestly has the most original tracks~
Love all the sounds ^^

This needs to be in a new Sonic game, or an RPG.

not nesisarily my style but it it some how manages to wiggle in to my song playlist and i just fine with it there