Reviews for "Another Day Two"

this was obviously a year or two ago so it good

the graphics have not improved well threes a lucky number
i do however like how u make him do extremly normal things (not for a rabbit)! usually it's like "BUNNY BOOM" i like ur emotion and ur art now is wonderful
i would how ever suggest after he walk out follow the screen to the door than change

when i said this was a

when i said this was a wierd type of animation i meant just the flash but in this one it goes to the music and the flash

Really cute

This was really sweet you dont get much of that now a days i liked it allot I really did that wa really nice.

Better than the first

I like the fact that you added more characters. It adds a reality to it. The art must be hard to make, knowing that it shakes a lot. Doing so though adds something... new to flash, or just old and you bring it back. Keep it up!

If only you ..

Were here way back then before humans turned against each other in this world .
Evading everything that isn't ''perfect'' for them . Avoiding everything that didn't compare to their ''level'' . Dude, you are one of my favorite artists . I love your style, the music you use to correspond with the story within your beautiful world . Why can't all other people show such a world ? Humans all have a special world, it's a shame many turned dark . I really think you have awakened many people with these videos, they are extremely enlightening . You never fail to disappoint me . Keep it up man . 5/5 10/10
- EW - (<-- I am not kidding guys, it's a pretty hysterical abbrev.)