Reviews for "Another Day Two"

sometimes, it's nice to have a little normalacy.

The more i watch this series, the more I like it. It's nice to see a flash that's got a quiet little message. Especially if it can deliver the message without violence. Thanks for a little slice of sanity! Keep up the good work!


This is the best series I have seen. This should be a recomended stress relief kit. Great job!


i liked the whole friendship thing goin on. also liked the end where he's sittin in a chair just lookin around the room. love this series


Keeping with the simple. Nice. Not complaining either, simple is the best way to go. Going through another simple day. Instead of showing twists and turns in plots you show everyday life amongst people, but with more of a Winnie-The-Pooh quality. I really liked this one and the series just keeps on getting better.

|| Good Points ||
*Music was nice
*Graphics were good

|| Bad Points ||


I love Another Day. This is the series I always come back to when I get tired of all the crappy flash submissions on NG. ^.^ I love it. Thank you.