Reviews for "Nothing To Prove"

Guitar pro 5

Nicely done, and if anyone wants to know where to get this kinda of softwear, its called guitar pro 5 you can pirate it or buy it whichever, but you can write music with it for all instruments

jarrydn responds:


Didn't use Guitar Pro 5 though.

Guitars and bass recorded by my own hands ;)

that was good

that was so awesome.
what program and such did you use to record this with?

jarrydn responds:

Guitars and bass were tracked into Nuendo 3. Drums programmed using the built in piano-roll, and the drum samples provided by Drumkit From Hell.

PODxt for guitar and bass tones.

Don't listen to Elcapitan

He's just jealous that your totally awesome. Oh and El, he did say that it was "A little piece inspired by Evil-Dog's "Punkomatic"." Lern2read kk?

jarrydn responds:

Damn, his review must have been deleted before I got a chance to see it :(

DAMN DUDE!!!!!!!!!

DAMN DUDE!!!!!!!!! That was some BAD-ASS SHIT!!!!!!!!! But l can totaly tell its kinda remixed from Punk-O-Matic and well i was wondering how do you get a Punk-O-Matic song youve made on to the Newgrounds Audio Portal? Can you help me out? Ited be great if you could.

jarrydn responds:

I sketched the song out in PoM, then I tabbed it out and re-recorded it with my guitar ;).

Guitar was tracked through a PODxt straight into my PC. Same for bass.

DAW is Nuendo 3, with the drums programmed in Nuendo 3 and the samples taken from Drumkit From Hell.

Mastered in T-racks.

CooL but from punkomatic?

itzs cool but how do i know that isnt random:D ..........actualy, its very cool

jarrydn responds:

Thanks :)