Reviews for "Nothing To Prove"


Its pretty fun to listen but its a goddamn shame that songs thats not even written by yourself gets high scores and frontpage.

jarrydn responds:

Ahhh well, better luck next time?


great i loved it !!!

jarrydn responds:

Thanks :D

im sorry but...

i just though that this wasn't well put together at all
and you even didn't do the instruments yourself

if your piece had been "inspired by the punk-o-matic" then you would have played the riffs with real instruments, not used the punk-o-matic to make the song

if you wanted to share your punk-o-matic song, there is an clubs and crews thread on the bbs where you can share it. but don't post it here

jarrydn responds:

I did play the riffs with real instruments :/

If I can find the original project file, I'll take a screenshot for you and help to assuage some of your doubt ;)

Very nice.

You lose points for originality for obvious reasons, but this was still put together quite well. I love the crisp sound of the drum track. Although most of it was taken from the Punk-o-Matic, I can hear some nice harmonies that you wrote yourself, which is a nice addition.

Very nice, very clean sounding. Good work.

jarrydn responds:

It was all taken from PoM apart from some of the drum ideas and the two part guitar harmony (which was just extrapolated from one of the solos).

Thanks for the positive review :)

Wow this is pretty good nice!!!!

wow did you this i cant do that nice

jarrydn responds:

Thanks mate :)