Reviews for "Nothing To Prove"

That's ass-kickingly badass!

I love the metal influences you added! it's fucking awesome!
I've heard this a long time ago, good thing you put it in here!

jarrydn responds:

Thanks bro, it was great fun to mix it up and re-record it with some rolls and double kicks.

Two part guitar harmonies in PoM2 plz :)


Man, that's so awesome. The riffs flow beautifully.
This score is for you and Evil-Dog. :)

jarrydn responds:

Cheers mate!

by far one of my fav songz in the portal

wow man thats so sweeeeet!!! i luved how u used the music from the best soundboard of all time and used it to ur advantage. it came out awesome! at first i thought it was gonna be a ripoff but u definately proved me wrong! that totally ownz. keep up the good work

jarrydn responds:

Thankyou very much sir :)

Your Rock.

Even though it was inspired by 'Punk-O-Matic' It still rocks.

jarrydn responds:

Cheers man :)

Know it...

love it! :D

Thanks for putting it up here my good man! That way I don't have to listen to it on soundclick anymore. hehe. Rocks my socks. lollers.

<3 you cunt!

Thanks for your vote, DarKsidE555! You voted 5 for Nothing To Prove, keeping its score at 5.00.

jarrydn responds:

Hahahahaha, no worries buttz ;D