Reviews for "Muther-metal"

I dont like it

I dont like metal! but this music is well done i must say!

You got 9 from me , and a 4

rock on

This awesome. something is missing.......um...... there needs to be a singer put some lyrics to it and I think it will be a huge metal hit:)


very well recorded but it sounds a lot like are you dead yet

Love Metal

Very head banging song you got here. Sounds like the guitars are ripping through something. Sounds like I'm being pummeled by a machine gun of sounds with your drums at times :)

The song , to me, felt like it was on the edge of being simple into having a good amount of differentiating content on it. Just by a teensy bit. I just read now that you also mentioned that on your Author comment so I don't feel alone now. Still sounds really good and kicks some nice ass.

Definitely could use a bit more work but overall I think the song sounds pretty good and fun to listen to. I love Metal Songs :3 . . . I give you an 8 and a 5. Not bad. Later!


i think it could use a better beat and drums