Reviews for "Muther-metal"

Very Good.

Im usually not a fan of heavy metal, but this was great.

@ sharkdude, Diversity = if alot of instruments were used, how they were different from each other and clarity means how was the song to the ear. Was it easy to hear, easy to hear the beat, etc.

Although they took out that rating stuff /cry so what i said is kinda worthles.


Beste jeg har hørt på lenge! Utrolig bra gitarspilling, du har et talent der:p

Very Nice

...had a touch of a certian song in it...but I cant figure it out..Very Metal!

Really great work!!

I loved this!! I think i'm going to use it in a movie ;) Not a flash, but a zombie-movie I'm making with some friends :P

Great Work!! Keep it going!! ;D

PS: I didn't know what "Diversity" and "Clariy" means so I just put a 5 on those...
I'm Norwegian aaaand.... What does it mean??

Great work!!!! !,,!


I'll surely use it for my flash! Awesome!