Reviews for "Muther-metal"


really cool song! it's short, simple but heavy. i also like the fast drums. overall the song is fuckin' awesome! it's definately one of my favorites!

Really great work!!

I loved this!! I think i'm going to use it in a movie ;) Not a flash, but a zombie-movie I'm making with some friends :P

Great Work!! Keep it going!! ;D

PS: I didn't know what "Diversity" and "Clariy" means so I just put a 5 on those...
I'm Norwegian aaaand.... What does it mean??

Great work!!!! !,,!

Completely Epic

Metalized makes some hardcore shit once again. This is so metal that its on the top of my favorites and I think its gonna go as the music for my movie that im making. And im being very picky on what to use for music to use. \m/


Awesome for being a metal, but this one can be better, putting full gothic, like (Nightwish), JEJEJE. It has the sound. so I think that can be better for sure my friend

Let's rock!!!!!!!

Good work

I don't listen to metal that often but you have done it for my liking because man....

i cannot say anything but WOW!!!!!!!!