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Reviews for "Zero Plays Golden Sun!"



Charem responds:

Awwwwwsomeness. =P


you captured the feel of both games perfectly, also you got an F-zero sound in there as well which is a plus. Excellent job

Charem responds:

Yeah, I guess I did. F-Zero's music always was a favorite.


This would make a great ringtone! You did a fantastic job on making this track. Got me inspired now to beat Megaman X Collection again. Keep up the great work!

Charem responds:

Wish I had that game. XD Thanks!

Hey! I've never played Golden Sun...

...But this music sounds just like something that would be used for Zero in a MMX game! Great job, dude!


I love Golden Sun and the themes they had... I just wish I could've played the 2nd game, but I don't have it and my DS is broken now- might get a DSi and download the game.....

Anyway, this song reminds me of those times where I was grinding in the Earth Tower, gaining levels just to see what skills I could get when I mixed Dijin.... got Pyroclasm, Inferno, Great Spire, Shine Plasma, and many other fun skills by the time I went to face the final boss.... good times....

Great use of the instruments to match the theme. Compared this with the actual version of the song and its perfectly timed with every note. I would love to see you do the boss battle theme and Saturous's Theme.

Charem responds:

Saturos's Theme was always one of my favorites. Who knows? I may get around to it in the future. ^^