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Reviews for "Zero Plays Golden Sun!"


...you rock

Charem responds:

...Sweet. =P


This is a great song!
Keep makin HaX songs like these.

Charem responds:

Sure thing! =P


God, this brought back an ruge to replay it...yep, off to replay Golden Sun now :)
Keep up the good work man. I hope to hear more like this.

Great :D

Awsome GS battle remix.. :D
i wish i had the 1st one on my GBA...
but luckily is this tune on the 2nd one aswell :D

Charem responds:

Oh, it was used in both games? I never played the second one, so I didn't know that. =P

Very niiiiice....

Just wish there was an 11th star... but YAY! Don't really know what else to say then that. Hope it's not a problem! :P lol

Charem responds:

Not a problem at all. :P Glad you enjoyed!