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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "Zero Plays Golden Sun!"

I really like it.

The sounds just plain old remind me of Zero's Theme, as well as the Golden Sun Battle. Now can ya do the Boss theme like this?

Charem responds:

I have wanted to for some time...even moreso, I wanted to remix Saturos's battle theme. We'll have to see though...I lost all my music programs.


What a kick ass way of bringing fresh air to a classic battle theme in my opinon!

Charem responds:

Thank you! :3 Guess there's a reason this is my most popular song.

Excellent, Charem!!

You've got 2 nacks, 1: vocals, 2: music. And this song is proof of number 2! It really feels like it's a Zero remix of another game's song. You'd HAVE to be pretty dang good to do that!!

Charem responds:

Well, thanks! =P I'm blown away that this little piece has become my #1 song in popularity.

Ahh, memories.

I think I'm obsessed with this game. Considering the fact that I played the first one around 5 times, and the second literally about 20 times... Yeah. One of, if not the best, graphical and musical achievements on the GBA.

Charem responds:

Heheh. I'm admittedly not all that dedicated to the series. I played through and enjoyed the first game, but never have had the opportunity to play the second.

Golden Sun... and Megman...

You freakin' mixed Golden Sun and Megaman into one song... =| Two series completely unrelated... Yet two of the best series ever. I think I'm in love. <3 <3 <3

Charem responds: