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Reviews for "Medieval Cop-S2-E2"

Great as always... :-)

To get that thing on the shelf, switch to Pear, then time to jump just when the nurse passes below.

As always amazing game, I love watching Dregg being roasted by everyone :) Looks like Ada is slowly accepting that Pear is her daughter. Fusion between two Ada's will surely be hilarously funny. I wonder if in your next masterpiece as a secret could you include translation of things that Amber is telling to Dregg ? It's propably Spanish, i'm right ?

@GuriSeboso During the time-travel sequence, jump into one of the holes after removing the grate.

So I initially missed a secret near the beginning so I played the game twice, it's pretty cool that VasantJ factored in who was the one doing the actions. For example Either Amber or Ada can open the grate with the crowbar and they have unique dialogue.