Reviews for "VampireHunter Ina 2"


Great movie, I like the idea of the Storyline, its quite a thrilling series, good job, keep up the good work man, the series Rocks!

One of the best!!!

One of the best movies I have ever seen...

that was beter than the first

it has more action in it. i loved it. nicely done. keep up the creativity.

blade has nothing on her

man that was tight
not the best
but the best vampire flash ive seen yet

to the person b4 me....

-Apocripha have u EVER tried to voice act or any of that if u have i doubt u are very good hell i don't think u could do anything! Hell i bet if u tried it u'd sound like one of those 1950-60 cartoons dang i think u'd sound worse. Alot of people don't spell correctly because it's the fricken internet and well they don't want to....most of them feel like since it's the internet they can spell how they want and ur job.......right......a manga illustaitor RIGHT.........i doubt that but then again....and if ur not lying why havent u sumbited anything?(i haven't bcuz i don't got the program)

-Hey INA could u add a play,pause rewind/fast foward button to the next one? and ignore morons like Apocripha