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Reviews for "CUDDLE PARTY with Cocko and Gallagher"

Gorgeous fluid animation, sadly wasted on meandering tripe. Gallagher starts off by commenting on assualt via handshake and not 3 minutes later is grabbing his bud without his consent? Cocko is busy being such a cliche that it's hard to even pretend he's a character, and even the basic joke keeps switching out hugging and "hugging" that it's unclear if this is suppose to be funny or just uncomfortable.

wait, they did all that while they were driving?, I'm surprised they didn't get into a car crash or get pulled over by the police or something, another reason why I take the bus.

Way different from what I tought of, but way better too.

Animation is nice and style is nice but I hate Gallagher's design with the force of 50 atomic fusion events

Can't wait to see more.