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Reviews for "CUDDLE PARTY with Cocko and Gallagher"

Uhhhh ok holy shit. Literally EVERYTHING about this is above and beyond. The art direction, the animation, the backgrounds the style, even the voice acting! I didn’t just watch some silly Newgrounds toon. I just watched a professional production. Incredible job to the whole team. Wow!

So good! Feelin for Cocoh. Trapped in a cage of his own emotion.

I love the animation, It felt like they were actually in a van, especially with that Pornhub sign. I found Cocko's accent a bit difficult to understand but that's because I'm not used to Australian accents. I didn't fully understand the jokes and the hugging issue he had. I found the fact that you gave them piercings and tattoos to be rare (Most other animations don't). I would love to see them at a bar next time :D Great video!

Are we supposed to hate the pink guy

Consistent Voice acting and perfect animation!
I just didn't get the joke at the end.
Guess, I have to be in Australia to get it.