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Reviews for "CUDDLE PARTY with Cocko and Gallagher"

This was fantastic! Flawless animation and a witty, funny dialogue (from what I could get). But, as I implied, I had some difficulties understanding Cocko's accent in some sections, even after watching twice. Nothing related to the voice acting or the recording equipment, which were great. But well, I'm not a native English speaker, so that probably doesn't help.

The pretentious haircut on gallagher had me repulsed enough that I had to come check the full video regardless. Glad I did.

well, that was a rollercoaster

Man, the animation in this is really good, and the dialogue is amazing! All of the jokes were so well-written and executed perfectly! Keep up the great work! <3

Brilliant piece. The staunchly hipster soyboy antics mixed brilliantly with the gruff boomer-ish graces of Cocko. Not a single portion of this was unenjoyable. The audio work was surprisingly clean.

Are you planning to spin this off into a series or is this just a one-off? Or am I the last bloke to the rally and it's already a thing?

Keep at it,