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Reviews for "Pleasure Island FINAL CLIMAX"

i have been waiting so long

A completely worthy ending to whatever was going on here. I hope the documentary crew gets more work, whipping other people and objects of interest. Extra credit for the end credit song, just superb.

Sexual-Lobster responds:


As much as I loved watching it overall, I gotta say I was disappointed by the anti-climax but thrilled by the song. My good man, if you just make more glorious tracks with these mofos, I will not care about the lack of fleshy, fleshed-out adventures. lol

This is an end of an era. For years we have puzzled over what the consequences of the walrus pit would be... but now we know. I'm glad to finally have closure I can finally sleep at night.

Legit was just thinking about what happened to Pleasure Island, thanks for the answer lobster