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Reviews for "Pleasure Island FINAL CLIMAX"

I knew it was my boi marge before she even turned around

I'm not crying you're crying shut up

I came back to this website for this. Thank you sir. My offer to do your laundry still stands.

Really bad this time. The dialog was terrible, the jokes were terrible, and the visuals were ok but made not funny from former. You can do better man. This feels like your Least sexual-lobster I’ve seen in a while. The whip was funny but, again, dialog and jokes made it unfunny. It just feels like a “I’m not into it today“ type of release.

I didnt even have to watch it to give it 5 stars - I KNEW my grease walrus hole fetish was going to get rubbed vigorously by manly manwhore hands. 6 stars!