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Reviews for "Pleasure Island FINAL CLIMAX"

Hmm, I must admit I didn't think this was one of the best in the series. It's mostly because I wanted more action. You know, a big epic battle. This series is so goofy it probably doesn't even matter that much. This may have had the best animation in the series. I was surprised this had an ongoing story.

That's always a plus in modern cartoons. It's been hard for me to keep up with it. It's just that bizarre. The world inside the squid was easily the most creative. You deserve your recognition!

god bless sexual lobster <3

Brilliant anticlimax love it

Something about this playing in the newgrounds shell makes it feel so much more at home. I legit enjoyed this more on rewatch than the first time on youtube.

Have been waiting for this episode forever. Totally worth it. 11/10