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Reviews for "Cat-O-Blues Grand Day Out"

3/5 7/10 #FlashTrash #GamesForSmartPeople

PRO TIP!!!: Only your first two paws matter for landing on platform. Gamers bewar!

The last 3 comments including this one are 2004, 2009, 2014. 2 comments per decade. By the end of the human race or newgrounds whichever happens first, there may not be another completed page of comments. Or reviews as it calls them. Which means likely my comment will be on the top page of reviews here forever.

The nigh unpassable spike on level 4 is bad, but landing on the moving platforms is no picnic either, you're too prone to falling straight through them even if you land squarely on them. Level 2, the static platforms, you don't even need to have your center of gravity over solid ground, you can be hanging off the platforms. Well, it's a simple game. And arguably the issues could be called bugs. But other than that, it works. Pity I can't see the end of it. The repetition of the meow sound really is grating though.


This was an okay game.

Good job

You had the right stuff, reminded me of a mario game, But the mario game had more detail in it.

highly addictive

i have been the whole week playing this thing and i still cant manage to beat the 4th level, is it even possible?