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Reviews for "Cat-O-Blues Grand Day Out"

But eh...

... most cats have nine lives. I think the game is a nice try to make a game. But it just isn't what we like to call action-packed. The cat moves really slow and is not even making a move of it's one. You could've just animated his friggin' tail or something. Just a few things but a nice try overall.


Why did u put this piece of crap on Newgrounds?

JamesWeb responds:

To annoy people like you.

Silly Kitty!!

Pretty fun!! I couldn't beat the last level. AND after I gave it a three, I accidentally clicked on one of Newgrounds' assholish porn ads, so you lose points for that too. Or not.

could better, could be worse

make a smaller cat, a larger level, and make jumping easier horizontally. and don't let the cat keep moving, even after you've stopped pressing the button cuz that just sux. Besides that, and better drawring all together (eg. shading that tree, and making it look liek it has leaves), keep up the good work!

Who reads the damn review titles anymore?

Good game, make an animation for the cat though, and make it so on the beach level that spike is silver, I noticed it the first time but I kept getting killed on it after the first try of jumping over it, make it so only the tip of the spike makes the player die.