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Reviews for "Cat-O-Blues Grand Day Out"

Nice game.

Needs some real work on the animation of Cat-O-Blue, but it's a nice Platformer. quite nice to play. Also, the spikes are a nutter to get over on level 4, he needs to jump slightly further. Also, make the spikes a different colour if possible.
But a nice game, and I see promise here.

I see the basics, pretty nice

I can see an effort put forth for this game, and I like it. You put a lot of effort into it and I know that if you continue in your flashing skills then you'll be much better. Nice Job.


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I thought it was a pretty good effort, better than my attempts at making a game.
and its nice and cheesy too, reminds me of the old amiga 500's. Good job.


nice... that was like the gratest game...


It was okay. The game had shades of NES Donkey Kong, but the "Meow" got old real fast. Also, the control could've been better.