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Reviews for "HP Atk Def"

I stumbled upon it by chance but boy am I impressed. Simple but appealing graphics, challenging puzzles. Quite the treat!

amazing game 10/10 should be in high ranking classics

Well-made puzzles and tight controls. The addition of a turbo button was a nice touch. I feel like there could be some variety in design and detail in movement animation. Maybe have different defeat sounds for the different enemies? Above all, very nice!

Hard believe how a simple game can have so much quality, almost perfect in each simple aspect

This game made me think about stats like this and strategize seriously for the first time in quite a while. What a beautiful way to get me thinking logically again! (Ironically enough, I started thinking about stats in this game at level 11 by doing the exact thing that that third update was made for. Hah!) While I'll have to take a break now as I've hit a wall in level 12, I'll definitely come back and give this a try again. I love the designs and music, too - kinda makes me nostalgic for some of the older stuff Coolmath Games.

Edit: Could you potentially implement some kind of saving system that stays upon returning to the page? I completely forgot how I managed to get past level 10 and it annoys me to have to get through it again.