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Reviews for "HP Atk Def"

You know, this didn't look that good at first. It seemed way too simplistic. It actually ended up being a lot more fun than I thought. It still wasn't great, though. Definitely good. The music was really nice.

I liked the sounds too. You had to use strategy over time. Good thing you could experiment with it. That's what a puzzle game should do. Most importantly, look at your chances.

I really like it!
At first I honestly thought it was gonna be too easy. But after a few levels you have to start thinking a little. And those last levels were a tiny bit tricky, but not too tough. The music is also quite nice.

Love the whole idea you've got going here with the pickups puzzle. Hope to see more like this, but with more difficulties in the future. Like maybe a Challenge mode for those who wants it?

I got stuck on level 12. Any hints?

The game is way too easy before, but still a very unique and good idea...

Very enjoyable puzzle game! Haven't played something similar in a while.

What a game! Just simple enough to where my brain is relaxing yet engaging enough to make me think. Trying to get maximum efficiency from the stat increases is fun. Only problem is there are only so many levels.