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Reviews for "HP Atk Def"


I loved every Moment of it, even if the Music is repetitive, it does not annoy you- but it adds to the Experience. Its extremely Fun and I can see myself play this in my Free Time to kill some Time.
Defo Recommended

Not so simple as it looks at first.

I was surprised by how many tricks you were able to pull off with such a simple concept (yes the level 21/ 24 thing got me good). I'll definitely be looking forward to another game like this if it were to be made.

I thought this was just a cute little retro thingie that reminded me of the early days of video games. Then I got to (I think) Level 7, and discovered just how order-sensitive the pickups and dropoffs were, and I realized what a crafty stinkweed you are.

Now, I'm stuck at Level 15. I'm pulling out my rapidly-graying hair, because I know the solution is sitting in front of me. But I don't want clues! I'm a stubborn old broad, and I'm gonna figure this thang out.

Good game. Good, good game.

Edit: The stubborn old broad got through all 24 levels. Yay!