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Reviews for "Fuckout 69"

Got stuck walking in one direction. Couldn't even exit the vault. That needs to be fixed immediately.

Not bad, short and the ends just a tease, can't justify anything above three stars as it's a Demo with no directions, at all besides movement. You never end up using the water bottle in the beginning, even though you can use it on the machine for, some reason? Beyond that you get the second key but don't even get to use it which was disappointing, game ends in the middle seeming like more of a money grab then a "Demo". :/

Probably would've been decent, but the controls made it impossible to play. Got stuck at the beginning just trying to walk around and stuff. I normally don't have that problems with games, so it's not user error. Sorry, man. I love Patreon games, though, so just work the bugs out and I'll try it again!

I have to admit, I didn't expect that last part of the demo. Unfortunately, what you're meant to do from there is the most intuitive part of the whole thing. Anyone who's played enough Fallout would recognize the fist weapon made of concrete and rebar (and realize you'd use it on the deathclaw), but I didn't figure out I was supposed to be making it without the comments on the video. As has been said already, the girl looks great but the gameplay is... not. Try adding something to the descriptions, like if I click the strange machine, tell me about what it is or might be. You could say its obvious because its in the room with cryopods, but Piper's in a pod, plus everything else, so logic is tenuous at best. How would I know that Preston's hungry? etc.

Also, since I had zero clue to the controls: press E to activate/talk, click and drag to use or combine items.

I like it but I don't get how she don't have balls when literally every other futa has balls.