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Reviews for "Fuckout 69"

IF the items made ANY connection it would be ok - but you want people to pay for this you need to put in a bit more effort please.

I have no clue if I've softlocked myself or if I'm just this stupid. How the hell do I get the key? What do I do for Preston? I'm stuck and there isn't a single hint or description on any of the items.

Looking forward to seeing more from this one!

So uhhh game was alright, I guess. Was kinda lost at first but I figured it out in the end. Sex scenes were ok. Good animation but it was lacking. Also whenever I chose the "Cum" option it would lag a bit. There wasn't really much to this "demo". Honestly, with how disappointing it was overall, I doubt I'd ever pay for the full version unless you really Wow'ed me with something else from this game. But apart from the cons, Good art, good animation

totally agree games are awesome simply the download time for all your games are real slow for what they are