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Reviews for "Fuckout 69"

Nice anatomy, i love that ass, but the game is crap.

Nothing makes any sense and there is bugs...

You need to fix randm combining items part, that really doesn't make any sense.
The end twist was nice though

In this game you pick up construction waste for no reason. Then you pick up a radioactive barrel that you then throw into a small river of toxic waste to get a key that unlocks a gas station shed where you pick up a wooden plank and a water heater. You go back to the small river of toxic waste and put down a plank where you pick up a pipe, which you then combine with that random chunk of building and a water heater to push a cage off of a deathclaw that's blocking the way to a car battery.

There are two sex scenes in this demo, and you get one by making the black guy from Fallout 4 scrambled eggs with an old pan and a lighter. You get two more sex scenes in the full game. I've played all of bambook's games. The plots and items you pick up are so nonsensical that it's messing with my desire to get off. The games started out rudimentary in quality and while the animation and illustration quality has gotten far better, the gameplay hasn't improved at all.

While I especially love playing as an attractive woman instead of a weird looking homeless dude with a bag on his face, please start improving your games. Take some more time on them to flesh them out and work on platforming decisions that feel as good for the player as the sex scenes.

Barely playable. The solutions make no sense.