Reviews for "Start Powerless"

Personally, I feel that the one block platforming can sometimes get repetitive, especially with the precision that some of the platforming requires. I think that adding music would be good, and would make the game feel more complete. I really like the concept of the game!

Great Idea - Bad Execution

This is a bit of a hard one for me. I loved the idea of this game, it reminds me of Robot Wants Kitty, but instead of a large level it is level by level and I like that idea a lot. The different power-ups were nice and how it built your character. The puzzle solving aspect is a great one, but the puzzles weren't as difficult as I was hoping for. That's where I started not liking this game. The level design was not good. I hate one block platforming with a passion. For a game like this in later levels, one or two is fine, yet I keep running into more and more and every time I feel down I hated it more. The sound effects are pretty basic, the overall presentation is nice, nothing to write home about. One sin though is no music. We have a plethora of audio tracks from the Audio Portal to choose from and a multitude of royalty free music sites through the Newgrounds Wiki. There is no excuse. Although I won't be returning to this game anytime soon, I love the idea so much that I am in anticipation if you make a sequel.

|| Cheers ||
*Good Presentation
*Superb Concept
*Great Controls
*Good Sound

|| Jeers ||
*No Music
*Bad Gameplay

That was a good game. I have no idea what will happen next. Well, I know it's going to get more complicated. You really have to learn the order of everything. I appreciated the design. It does get kind of repetitive.

You still work well with what you have. Wow, that's four "W" words in a row! This certainly fits the theme. Wow, this doesn't even have a section yet. You know how to plan ahead.

Love the concept. Inspiring.

nice game, but F*** level 12