Reviews for "Start Powerless"

I personally found nothing wrong with this game...all medals obtained and it was challenging yet entertaining.

Noice Game

I found nothing wrong with the controls. The platforming can be frustrating, but the incremental build of character abilities was well-implemented. It has a pro/con approach. You become more powerful as your jump gets higher and your speed gets faster, but you also have to be careful when controlling the wider range of movement, since it becomes easier miss platforms and run into spikes.

Would play more of this. Nice job, mate.

Nice and fluid platformer.
Some comments:
- Last level lacks spikes at bottom to suicide in case you fall at start. (So you have to press "R" here
- The "flickering" animation of the character especially when having the speed boost is annoying, hard to pinpoint how fast you are.

I wonder why people only make like 10 levels after programing sth like this. Looks like a missed opportunity to me.

If only the block and spike hitboxes weren't so stiff. You just have to be spot-on with the moves. But I suppose that's part of the challenge.