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Reviews for "100 Bullet Dungeon"

Well made game all and all yet the dodge doesn't work and it tabs out frequently

Real cool concept to me, feedback would be that I always felt like there were way more health items than I ever needed.

This would've been a great NES game.

Nice game. I ended up not using the dodge roll as manoeuvrability of the character was so high that I just forgot about it. Health was also a little too plentiful and I don’t remember going below four hearts anyway. Last point is that the ending is a bit abrupt, coming out of nowhere with no boss fight or special room.

Core concept is good. Enemy mechanic is good (love the enemies which collect your bullets and throw them back). Kind of reminds me of Titan Souls but with more shots. Keep up the good work.

Thoof responds:

Thanks for playing. The "too much health" thing was because I didn't have time to implement some sort of checkpoint system, so I wanted to make sure the player was generally able to top themselves off in most situations. If I made a proper version it would have some sort of checkpoint system alongside fixing the abrupt ending issue and making the dodgeroll relevant.

Give 2 stars if you fix bugs
And add more effects (smoke, spark...) if you want.