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Reviews for "Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest!"

Fuck those Powerpuff Cunts. Least I got all those medals. This was fun. Great for its time too.


Sweet game

loved it guys one of the best around here now, and um thats not kissing up, um um ok it is ohwell such a cool game, You had the right Attitude when making this and the effort shows, And its Evident that you have some Technique to make this better wich you did now it could still use some more effort but on that note i thought this was pretty good, I wouldnt mind seeing this more Rejuvinated on some areas but again it was pretty good i thought.

No changes this was brilliant.


Fantastic, Hilarious, and all around challenging game. Well done! Bravo! Kudos! P.S The Fat Basterd is eating peanuts outside as we speak! XD

Very good game with some classic games in it!
Not really a fan of Golden Axe btw.
Great Game as always!