Reviews for "Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest!"

I remember playing this game when I was a kid,
and I remember the epic intro with the Domo Face, cause it scares the s@#t out of me xD
One of the best games on newgrounds!

music is great love all the different tunes

omg the retro looking view is amazing and always the best to play

the colours go well also

it is infact a hard game which is always good so it can last longer but i know a lot of people would also not even be able to get past the first round without dying multiple times

special effect sounds are terrific special when domo gets shot up haha

This game is good, yet it's difficulty combined with the lack of invincibility frames really holds it back. As it is pretty much near to impossible to beat certain enemies without losing a life.
The art is good with the whole "old-school" arcade feel.
If I were maybe better at the game I would've had different thoughts.
Overall a good 3.5 stars!
Nice Job! Mockery

A son of a bitch of a game to play but holy hell is it fun. Great stuff

Rocket Knight deserves 5 stars on it's own.