Reviews for "Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest!"

Brings back a lot of memories!

Why do I have to fight the PowerPuff Girls,they are supposed to eb the justice!
This game is like Abobo's Big Adventure.

The beat them up look really though and the dragon is really over powered.
Even the final boss is over powered! It was a frustration to beat him!I lose two Health because of his axe and explosive,that seen to be avoidable by spamming the A button.

What a shame that the site doesn't registre the acheivment get. (I wonder if it is the same Site Glutch I have seen before.)

I guess the final boss brainwash girls because of their powers.

Wow,I didn't know there was an easter egg if we wait in the title screen for to long!

This game use strange combination,PPG and other game charactere.

Yet it is an enjoyable game to play.I couldn't finish it, the final boss is hard.

i like seeing domo-kun get shot in the game over.

This is a fantastic game and it's hard to believe it's from 2002. I remember the Domo craze in the early 2000's and how the Domo gained popularity throughout the 2000's. Today it no longer seems very popular.

The gameplay is challenging, but fun. The medals give the game replay value and an incentive to keep trying if the game gets difficult. The jokes are still funny, the random mix of retro games still works today and the graphics are very enjoyable.

This game deserves to be played by everyone at least once.

It's a good game