Reviews for "Rawest Forest Reanimated Collab"

wow I am beyond embarrassed about my parts, GOD I should have redone them.

great collab! Honestly probably my favourite reanimate, So happy it's finally out dude

DoovadHohdan responds:

No shhhhh, you did amazing dude!

This is an awesome collab!!!

One of my new fave collabs, and I PROMISE it's not just bc I think Geno is the best lol
No but seriously, everyone did a stellar job with their parts here, which for a lot of collabs these days can't be said. It does my heart good to see my fave RPG ever get such good treatment. Seeing Kirbopher come back right at the end considering his previous SMRPG work was pretty badass, ngl. All in all, just no issues, loved it!

Its finally here!! This was a lot of fun to watch and it really took me back holy shit man great job everyone!