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Reviews for "The Last Balloon"

This game is so simple and fun. very challenging.
harder than Dark Souls.

THIS VIDEO GAME MAKES MY TINY 8 YEAR OLD HANDS FEEL LIKE A HAMMER WAS DROPPED ON MY FEET! these controls are like good, and the story is like...there. but damn yo, hard.

addictive and hard feels like a minigame

yes, I would definitely be playing with a balloon if I was the last human in the world
conclusion: humans are ballons

Core of the game (preventing balloon from touching the ground) is good enough, simple yet difficult. Hitreg and exact balloon flight angle might be weird but that can be seen as part of difficulty. However, other elements are worse. "Remaining humans" counter is unrealistic (exactly 500 other humans, that start dying as soon as you get balloon?), unfairly random in its decay (not only you cant control it, it doesn't even slow down in the end) and in the end means nothing. "Human" rapidly falling down, losing all horizontal momentum as soon as he falls off ledge looks simply weird in physics-based game. And for game's atmosphere, more background would help a lot, current amount is insufficient.

P.S. in the beginning, couldn't find out how to spawn balloon, had to reload game and then found the spot accidently. Can't tell if it is was bugged first time or if the spot is that hard to encounter when player is hopping around instead of walking (need larger spawn zone hitbox)