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Reviews for "The Last Balloon"

Had a good, depressing time getting the balloon to the end. This game made me more introspective than some narrative games do! Your minimalist design is still going strong, along with some solid platforming, level design, and balloon controls. A good example of how escort missions should be.

Like crappy retro games of bygone eras, substitutes an unreasonably hard difficulty to make up for length and substance. Score doesn't mean anything, nothing special happens with the ending. Just edgy for the sake of being edgy. The juice was not worth the squeeze.

StuffedWombat responds:

just for the record, i did not want to be edgy at all!

its pretty hard tho yeah!

It was a nice little game. Infuriating, but nice. I am a bit let down that there wasn't some sort of ending however. I put in about 50 minutes hoping to see an ending of some sort.

I had this scenario in my head that at the end the balloon alerted humans to the dog, and if there was enough humans, they would be in a self sustained community and adopt the dog, but if there was very few humans they would kill and eat the dog.

If you're relentlessly playing this to see the conclusion as I was, spoiler alert (if you can call it that) the balloon just floats away and you get a title screen.

Nice game! I just wish that drop to the lower half were smoother. I think because of how the screen tracks both you and the balloon, when I jump down ahead of the falling balloon I just end up staring at that big open space. And then a balloon shows up rocketing down at you and there is no time to really move around. Hard but very fun!

Looks nice, but it looks like I showed up after the balloon already popped, no amount of browser changes or refreshes seem to let me even get started. No balloon spawn. :(