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Reviews for "The Last Balloon"

Nice mini game, I love the atmosphere. The only bit that I missed was some kind of explanation about why the "humans" is dropping to 1 through the game and why did it start at 501, not necessarily in-game, but some kind of background to better understand the game.

This game is clueless and not very enjoyable. I got to the end, supposing that's the only thing that had left to be done was something almost impossible. Some difficult progression is needed, and it would be possible to be done in not much time I believe, once the mechanics were all there. Nice graphs and atmosphere, but any game needs at least SOMETHING that makes ANY sense.

This is pretty much a good level for a game (with tight controls and enough areas to feel differentiated), but for which the developer forgot to map out a victory condition, so after 5 minutes of running around pressing ALL the buttons you just quit. Add something to do, and deepen the gameplay; making a game every month sounds cool, but it isn't really cool if it impacts your art.

StuffedWombat responds:

i agree with the last sentence.
this game however does have a victory condition:

bring the balloon to the edge where you started.

Also its a bit weird to call it "art" and then expect it to have a win condition .P

Simple and nice controlled.