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Reviews for "Art Progress Thing"

Haha, very nice.

It's interesting to see these and just look at what's been improved and such over the past how many years. Also, Maplestory took me away from flash too D:

matt-likes-swords responds:

MMORPG's for the lose :(

very nice

well ive always been a fan even since u sed ur art was crappy continue to do what you do best and put that tablet to good use good luck for the future :D

Well well well...

Mister Freeman. We've come a long way, haven't we now? Let us hope we can continue to improve and .... do "business" together in the near future...perhaps the choice will one day, be up to you. Untill next time, Mister Freeman. Now wake up, Wake up and... smell the ashs.


Interesting and cool to look at, but please stop typing "ma" instead of my, that bothers the balls off of me

matt-likes-swords responds:


It's Amazing...

That you drew those with only a mouse. It must have taken forever to draw :P