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Reviews for "Art Progress Thing"

I envy your tallent!

Well, what are you gonna do this year around?

Love ur work

ive played alot of your games there cool. i like the artwork more than the storymode cause im too lazy to even click attack... ive seen ur drawings and stuff... i draw and my stuff is about as good maybe a bit better than urs from 2003 (the skeches not the flash) im only 12 so hopefully i'll be as good as u some day. thx for the inspiration!


LOL your just like "started drawing boobs and hence page views multiplied" XDDDDD its funny how people are such pervs XD. but you started when you were 13, cool, im 14 right now :> i want to start making flash games like you do (but sort of differant gameplay) but i have...absalutely...no clue how.. i can only draw stick figuers XD.

your art evolved over the years...i need to hurry up and learn to draw so i can make my tv show.


man ur art really improved at 2006 and hasn't change since, and i think that's a reason ur work is really popular in NG and you've made alot of fans from this work


Matt, do you have any idea how much i would kill to be able to draw like you can? you have a gift man! don't squander it.