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Reviews for "Art Progress Thing"

Lol Boobs!

. . . All I can personally say is boobs....

I love your drawings

Your 2003 drawings are way much better than my drawings. Your awesome.


dude why are you so good lol im 12-13 and my art looks alright then i looked at ur art when u were the same age and im like daym lol like that black mage is awsome as lol anyways good work ill be posting some art soon if i can be fd lol cya l8r

M4pl3 St0ry??!

Your Art became better and better over the years.....but i never knew u were STILL playing Maple O-o

oh well.... Overall i think i like the Artwork from 2007 and 2009 <3


I think my skills are right between 2003-2005... dayam I need to work ._.