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Reviews for "The Dark One"

Game loaded once. Someone immediately went into a door, game froze. After reload, game freezes once red loading bar reaches max. I decided to check another one of your games to see if the same issue was there. On both previous games, the game freezes the same way once I die.

There may be a trigger you use that is conflicting with some aspect of Chrome. Giving 2.5 stars because I can't play.

ZsoltFekete responds:

Thanks for pointing it out! Did it happen with other newground games too or only with mine?
It looks like it crashes when the game trying to save or load saved files. The game uses local storage to save data perhaps it's something with your browser's settings. Otherwise I have no other idea how can it happen but I'll look after it! Sorry for the issue!

Oh man, this app hits that sweet, sweet spot!!! I'm not really a fan of playing games with a keyboard and mouse but this game was worth it. I played Child of light a bunch and now I'm a big fan of side-scrolling RPGs, so sorry for the gushing over this app! XD All that said, I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for gamepad support. I favorited the app, so I'll come back and give it a few more tries in the near future. 5 stars... well earned in my humble opinion. looking forward to future updates!

is good

I got really involved in this game. There's is a fair amount of grinding in the early levels but I didnt get bored even once. I kind of figured the twist right away but I'm eager to see where it goes. Good job!

Lost half a point for not having an extra reward for the completionist yet having "there will be a reward at level 20"