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Reviews for "The Dark One"

It's... ok.
Not terrible, not great, a good use of time.
The only major gripe I have is that I had to use the evil orb at the end. I would have preferred having a choice, as I was actually doing well.

The game's really nice and while being generic as hell, has a nice story. The only other problem would be the fact that it's a little to handholdy in the beginning.

This is now my favorite game on newgrounds.

ZsoltFekete responds:

Thank you! This is a huge compliment ^^ I'm glad you like it :)

A spelling mistake, (I think) "I can feel im stronger now". I think it should be, "I feel like I'm stronger now". Just my opinion
Edit: After you find Trisha, she says "Not even the masters a have single chance against that monster" Have and a should switch places.

ZsoltFekete responds:

Thanks for pointing it out I will fix it soon! :)

noice game
but how to defeat landor

ZsoltFekete responds:

After you finished the game you can use the shadow form spell it makes it much easier. Landor always use healing after he stunned you so make sure you save your freezing spell for that and freeze him while he trying to cast healing. 3 potions and some luck with the crits are also great! :)