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Reviews for "The Dark One"

fun little game ;)

If its turns rpg say it.

Really great game! For a small short game with simple mechanics, it's really well desgined! The story even if a bit simple is really compelling, and the way the game works it's really good, there's a nice game feel to it, and having the buttons with symbols on it really helps casting the spell intuitively; maybe adding more cutscenes, a bit of art and lore, and some aftergame would help the series, but amazing nonetheless! I shall be up for your future games!

Great game, good 8-bit feel! But UI was bad, sorry but make it more pixelated. But still great expirience

I really enjoyed this game! I like the graphics, but the gameplay was pretty good. Sure, it's basic, but at least it didn't feel like it was dragging on and on and becoming monotonous. Can't wait to see more!