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Reviews for "The Dark One"

AMAZING!!!!! is what I'll say for this game. And Landor is just 16 years old yet i need to try several times to defeat him. Pretty decent game.

Keep up the great work! X3

a few difficulties here and there (my fault) but pretty well made! :D

I was not into the story, but the game-play was great.
Edit: I finally got all the trophies!

its like the ham of a stereotypical anime got transferred into a pixel rpg about wizards its great

the english wasnt great at some points (ie. spelling "amethyst" as "amethist") but its pretty obvious english isnt the authors first language so im okay with it!

the gameplay held my attention and was super fun to play for thirty minutes. i dont really have any major improvements to suggest aside from the character designs not being my thing (why is trisha the only wizard with a head of hair), overall its great for what it is: a cute, fun little game about wizards and being dramatic

This was really fun! I enjoyed the strategy of the combat. Of course I just wish it were longer.