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Reviews for "The Dark One"

Loving the 8 bit feel!
I want more, was awesome.

remek játék

ZsoltFekete responds:

köszi :)

Great idea for not using turn based combat

Awesome game.
I had so much fun. Thank you for posting this.
Epic music, epic characters, 8 bit nostalgic feel.

-Hail Cobra

ZsoltFekete responds:

Thank you :)

This was an amazing game!! Once I started playing, I didn't leave my computer till I finished it. The story was captivating and the flow of the game was very well done. There was a good balance between grinding and story progression, and the only hiccup I came across was the gold cup in the arena. That fight was hard!!!

I can't wait for part two!!

My only suggestion is possibly adding a relic leveling system or a relic hybridization system. In the journal, it mentioned experimenting with the relics in order to create more powerful ones.

I say this because once I reached max level, and owned all the relics, i felt like there should have been more to do with all my gold other than occasionally buying potions.

All that aside, I loved the game. Please make a part two.

ZsoltFekete responds:

Thank you! I'm already working on it :)