Reviews for "Tricky Cat"

This game has the exact same mechanics (hopefully NOT a ripoff) of "Detiled"
by StuffedWombat: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/722470

It's "Detiled" with more mechanics but unfortunately a slippier non-precise jump.

This could've had better controls. Plus, the difficulty of the levels vary in a weird way. One is easy then the next is difficult then it's easy again.

Wasn't too difficult. Earned all of the medals, but wasn't a big fan of the game overall. It was honestly kind of boring.

Definitely not the worst game I've played on NG, but could've been a lot better.

Detiled had much better controls...

the way the cat moves is like super slippery and when you try to compensate for the exaggerated movement you just fall off because i guess they're ice star blocks or something

MEHHh... So booring and overused concept

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