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Reviews for "Amphibia"

The art style was rather inconsistent, but I really enjoyed how organic the story progression was.

I think some of the sound effects could be adjusted just a little bit. Like the crunching in the beginning seemed a little loud. I love the design of the tarantula, you did a really great job making me feel empathetic towards it. The voice acting for the tarantula is also good. I wouldn't say so much of the frog imo. Overall, good job! Keep up the god work!

Glad it had a happy ending.
The character and background designs weren't the best, but this had personality.

What ant and spider behemoth

mrjoeyprosser responds:


A nice toon

So this was a nice toon you have here this was pretty good here the characters are amazing the voices are great and you made this really funny too maybe adding some subtitles would be nice you have some nice animation here and hope you make more like this.

maybe adding some subtitles would be nice