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Reviews for "Amphibia"

That was funny bizzare and wholesome at the samr time

I hear they do this for real to protect their egg-sacks from ants.

Haha loved it! Excellent animation and story! You have outdone yourself once again! :D

That was actually touching in a way,yet pretty funny. Good job ! I loved the over exagerated animation and reactions that frog dude had. It almost reminds me of spongebob at some moments with those short zooms on the character's static face with a lot of details on it.
The video vehiculated different emotions : Laughter,remorse,joy,and even anguish when the birds look down at the protagonists (I was actually scared for them). I don't have any particular critic to point at overall. I think any criticism here would be extremely subjective,as what you offer in this video is done well.
I'll definitly watch this video again on occasion. Congratulations,and keep it up !


That frog was a jerk